The Truth Of How Alcohol Affects Your Teeth

How Does Alcohol Affect Teeth?

Many patients wonder the truth of how alcohol affects your teeth. Alcoholic beverages in moderation, are perfectly fine. However, excessive consumption has detrimental effects on your overall health, including gums and teeth. People who are heavier drinkers are at major risk for gum disease, tooth decay, canker sores, oral cancer, and more. However, for a light to moderate drinker, a good dental hygiene routine will help prevent certain problems from occurring.

What Effects Does Alcohol Have On Teeth?

  • Staining – Many alcoholic beverages have color due to Chromogens, which latch on to tooth enamel weakened by the acid in alcohol to stain teeth. Red wines or dark sodas make it especially difficult to maintain a vibrant smile.
  • Dry Mouth – Drinks that are high in alcohol content, like liquor, often dry out the mouth. Saliva helps remove plaque and bacteria from teeth which reduces the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Tooth Decay – Sugar intake is a major risk factor in tooth decay because the bacteria in your mouth live on sugar, which means sipping on sugary drinks provides an environment for bacteria to thrive. In addition, citrusy drinks (even a squeeze of lemon) is enough to break down tooth enamel and cause tooth sensitivity or cavities.

How Do I Avoid The Effects Of Alcohol?

how alcohol affects your teethAvoiding alcohol altogether may be difficult, but with proper care, you can maintain a healthy smile while still enjoying yourself. In certain cases, the effects of alcohol may be reversed with cosmetic dentistry procedures such as professional teeth whitening. These simple tips may help to keep your smile bright and healthy:

  • Alternate drinks with water to rinse teeth of sugars or citrus
  • Use a straw to concentrate the beverage
  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Visit a Topeka dentist every six months

Finding The Truth Of How Alcohol Affects Your Teeth

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