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Looking for an Orthodontist in Topeka KS?

Most people are not born with perfectly straight teeth, and often require orthodontic work at some point in their life.

It is also common for children, teens and young adults to find that their permanent teeth grow in at odd angles. This leads to overbites, under-bites and imperfect mouth closures, which can lead to loss of confidence, difficulty chewing, recurring headaches, and even chronic pain.

At Holden L. Correll DDS Family Dentistry, we make it easy for families in Topeka to enjoy beautiful lifelong smiles. We also offer orthodontic services and are among the best in Topeka, KS — and we are always happy to accept new patients like you! Our office excels in discrete, non-invasive tooth straightening and jaw correction services.

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An Orthodontist in Topeka, KS Does More Than Just Braces

When people think ‘orthodontics,’ they usually associate it with the heavy and unappealing metal braces that are commonly worn by children and teenagers. Now with new technology and better methods an orthodontist is able to do so much more.

The reason why we offer some of the best Topeka orthodontics is because we use advanced imaging technology and mold creation to get a clear and accurate representation of the jaw for all patients. This is a vital step to ensure precise and accurate results for you as a patient, and allows for a quick and easy process.

At Holden L. Correll DDS, we also provide effective guidance for both parents and children to help keep their braces, teeth and retainers clean. We make it easy for even young children to understand the importance behind keeping their braces clean and tidy and how to identify any issues that may arise.

Our patients are important to us and praise us for the gentle demeanor of our practice and the clear explanations that we provide.

When you are searching for an orthodontist in Topeka, you’re choosing someone to work with for a period of years. You must have a trusting relationship with your orthodontics provider from the start, because transitioning providers during treatment is both costly and challenging. So instead of searching for a separate orthodontist, why not consider Holden Correll, DDS for your Topeka orthodontics needs?

We make it easy for you to create a relationship and get to know us before you make any long-term commitments. Call us today at (785) 271-7477 for your free consultation. Getting that award winning smile for you or your child could be easier than you think.

Are Braces Just for Kids?

Over the years braces have evolved tremendously, which has started a new trend in orthodontic dental care. Braces are no longer viewed as something that only kids and young adults undergo, and has now become popular among older adults, many of whom have professional careers.

As long as your gums and teeth are in relatively good health, people of all ages are able to benefit from orthodontics. Some adults are warry to even ask about the idea of braces, because they think their teeth and gums are not strong enough to undergo the process. There are now a variety of braces and methods that can be used in order to be gentler on more developed jaw lines and gums.

We have provided high quality services on par with any adult orthodontist in Topeka for many years. Whether you need jaw alignment, new braces or another correction, our friendly staff will help you to start enjoying the smile that you’ve always dreamed of sooner than you thought possible.

We also provide orthodontics in Topeka, KS for adult patients who need restorative teeth straightening when their teeth grow out of alignment after a previous treatment.

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